Halocarbon: Creating Breakthrough Technologies that Unlock New Advances in Flexible Displays

Flexible displays are at the heart of some of the newest technologies in consumer electronics. These displays are at the bleeding-edge of innovation today, allowing you to bend and fold high definition screens to make them better fit your day-to-day life.  From foldable smartphones that fit unobtrusively into your pocket to wearable devices that wrap perfectly around your wrist, flexible displays are poised to revolutionize the way we work, live, and play.

Halocarbon manufactures the breakthrough technology behind flexible displays – the chemistry that provides transparency and flexibility. The raw material central to unlocking these new advances in Flexible Displays has its roots in South Carolina.  Halocarbon chemists and engineers developed this technology for commercial-scale production at the Halocarbon North Augusta, S.C. manufacturing facility.  It is from this facility that Halocarbon supplies the global demand for this novel technology.

Flexible displays function by replacing the glass that is conventionally used in touchscreens and high-definition panels.  These new displays rely upon a highly engineered transparent plastic film; Halocarbon manufactures the critical raw materials that makes these revolutionary thin plastic films possible. By using Halocarbon raw materials, flexible displays can be made transparent while providing exceptional scratch resistance, and strength.

Flexible displays offer a unique experience while creating new designs for the future of the technology industry.  Manufacturers from across the globe have only begun to scratch the surface of this new technology.  For example, Samsung launched the Galaxy Fold in 2019 with upwards of half a million phones sold.  Motorola launched a reboot to their iconic Razr phone.  These electronic giants upped the ante in 2020 with second generation models that boosted performance and reliability.  Similarly, LG teased a new 65-inch 4K television (LG OLED TV RX) that rolls up and stows itself away in a convenient box.

This technology breakthrough is just one of the many ways Halocarbon is creating innovations to improve our day-to-day lives and experiences.  Halocarbon plays a major role in the global supply chain as a specialty chemical manufacturer and innovator.  Halocarbon has had a seventy-year history of designing and manufacturing cutting edge products and is a proud US-based company with a footprint in South Carolina.


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