Business Costs

Lower business costs in Western SC’s region means more companies are seeking ways to move here. Companies enjoy the perks of lower tax rates and free employee recruitment processes specifically customized for the company’s needs. Land and resources can be expensive in other parts of the state, but our region focuses on bringing more companies in and therefore does not charge as much.

Low Cost of Doing Business

Workforce Training at No-Cost

One of the strongest incentives provided to growing companies in South Carolina is the workforce recruitment and training programs offered by the state through readySC™ and Apprenticeship Carolina™, which includes recruiting, screening and training that is tailored to the company’s needs.

Ranked in 6th the Top ten states for corporate income tax rates at or below 5% by the Tax Foundation

Construction cost index: 0.9 is for Class A Office Facilities

Low Cost of Doing Business:

  • Industrial power rates are 9% lower than the national average
  • SC has one of the lowest corporate income tax rates in the U.S. at 5%
  • SC ranks 1st in Site-Readiness Programs; Available Real Estate; and Speed of Project Permitting
  • SC ranks 2nd in Top States for Doing Business: Cost, Business Friendliness, and Taxes
  • SC ranks 2nd in nation in Business Incentive Programs; Favorable Regulatory Environment; and Workforce Training Programs
  • SC ranks 3rd in Energy Availability & Costs
  • SC ranks 5th in the U.S. Logistics & Infrastructure
  • Energy rates 15% Lower than the national Average


Available Sites & Buildings

If you’re thinking about bringing your business to South Carolina’s Western region, we’re ready to accommodate you with a broad variety of existing facilities and ready-to-build sites.


When you’re competing in the global marketplace, connectivity and fast access are critical. Western SC’s location will put your business at the heart of a very fluid transportation grid, no matter which modes are important for you.