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& Dining

South Carolina’s western region holds more historic charm than many may know about. Rich art history, culture, and other hidden gems throughout the state prove that each town has unique appeal and character. 

Quality of life can be measured by many factors. Income, education, art, availability of goods and services, convenience, climate, a healthy ecosystem, and innovative business and industry all contribute to the quality of life of a region.

The region offers residents the charm and simplicity of small town life with big city amenities like shopping, cultural arts, state of the art healthcare and many outdoor activities. In addition, with an annual average temperature of 63 degrees, there is a beautiful climate in which to enjoy it all.

Here are a few events and recreational activities residents and visitors enjoy.

Aiken Steeplechase

Twice a year, the Aiken Steeplechase racing event is held in downtown Aiken. Residents can come and enjoy horse races, carriage display, great food and family time. The races are sanctioned by the American Steeplechase Association and include, the Imperial Cup in March and the Holiday Cup in October. The March event is usually the second of three events known as “Aiken’s Triple Crown”, which starts with the Aiken Trials the weekend before and ends with Pacers & Polo the weekend after. These events, along with Aiken’s reputation of being an equestrian city, brings thousands of people from all over the country every year.

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Edgefield County:
Peach Festivals

In April, Johnston celebrates this spectacular display of nature with its annual Peach Blossom Festival. Main Street in the town of Johnson is filled with a parade, crafts, games, displays, concessions, rides and entertainment for all ages during the weekend festival. A few months later in June, Trenton’s annual Peach Festival draws thousands of people from all over the southeast.

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Saluda County:
Lake Murray

Lake Murray offers lakeside living at its best. Catch bass in the morning, spend the day tubing with your whole crew, and stop by local hot spot, Sandy Beach, for boat side ice cream in the afternoon. Stick around for the evening and cruise out to Bomb Island to experience a sunset with spectacular bird watching.

Fondly dubbed ‘The Jewel of South Carolina’, Lake Murray is just a stone’s throw away from some of the Midlands’ favorite spots. South Carolina’s capital city of Columbia is a short drive due west. Still, many locals prefer to travel by boat in the summer to lakeside dining, events, and their neighbors’ backyards.

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McCormick, SC:
Strom Thurmond Lake

Strom Thurmond Lake, located in McCormick County, SC offers a wide variety of recreational fun for guests and residents to enjoy. Built in 1954, it was originally designed using hydroelectric power to reduce flooding risks in the area. Now, the Strom Thurmand lake provides many habitats for wildlife and various opportunities for different outdoor activities. 

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Augusta, GA:
Masters Golf Tournament

One of the four major championships for profession golf, The Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, GA draws people in from all over the world to partake in this amazing spectacle. The Masters Tournament started back in 1934, with many historical traditions unlike any other golf tournament. Residents are happy to take full advantage of living near such a famous sporting event.

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MACK Center

The MACK’s Mission is “To provide art, culture, and education to the region”.

We are proud to serve as the cultural center of McCormick County, centrally located in Historic Downtown McCormick. We are an anchor and heritage site critical for the health of our community. The McCormick Arts Council at the Keturah (MACK) has created a vital impact for nearly 35 years and has provided service to over 20,000 annually. The MACK envisions our cultural center to serve as the foundation for a thriving creative arts community and industry. Our vision includes continuous quality programming, engaged public awareness that celebrates the importance of the arts, growing talent adding value to our community and a quality educational system that embraces the arts. As the foundation for cultural development, we envision the arts change, impact and shape the lives of those serve. We will achieve the capacity to fully serve, inspire and nurture our youth, our artists and our neighbors.

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The Counties

Midway along the South Carolina-Georgia border, our region consists of four counties: Aiken, Edgefield, Saluda, and McCormick.


Aiken County is located in the central western part of South Carolina, bordering Augusta and the Georgia state line.


Edgefield county runs along the western part of South Carolina, slightly north of Augusta.


Saluda county is situated between Columbia, SC and Augusta, GA and borders Lake Murray.


McCormick County is also located north of the city of Augusta and borders the Savannah River.

Available Sites & Buildings

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