Food Processing

Dependability is important to us. We work diligently to supply food processing plants with the right resources so they can not only provide food for our region, but for the nation as well. With our region’s existing workforce, new food processing companies will be met with open arms so they can thrive financially. 

Food for the Nation

Already home to four food processing companies, including Amick Farms, the 11th largest meat manufacturing company in the world, our region has proven to be a welcoming place for food processing companies. The region’s existing personnel allows these businesses to supply a variety of food products to the nation both now and into the future, and it will allow new companies to do the same.

Amick Farms produces a diverse line of fresh and frozen chicken products to meet the needs of foodservice, industrial, and retail customers. Valley Proteins collects and recycles inedible animal by-products from the food industry that would otherwise lead to environmental contamination. They serve restaurants, supermarkets, and poultry processing facilities throughout the Mid-Atlantic, eastern, and southwestern United States. Titan Farms is the largest producer of peaches on the east coast and the second largest producer of peaches in the U.S. Palmetto Gourmet Foods produces convenience foods in the form of pre-packaged noodles, and The Best Dressed Chicken is a family run poultry processing business that continues to bring great food to your table. SC Pet Food Solutions is a joint venture between 3D Solutions Holdings and Amick Farms created to convert poultry into specialty proteins and fats for the pet food industry.

Local Food Processing Companies

Available Sites & Buildings

If you’re thinking about bringing your business to South Carolina’s Western region, we’re ready to accommodate you with a broad variety of existing facilities and ready-to-build sites.


The highly skilled workforce in the Western SC region is ready to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing economy because of the emphasis on education.