Kimberly-Clark’s Beech Island Mill Receives Global Recognition for Water Conservation Efforts

May 22, 2017

Kimberly-Clark Corporation’s Beech Island Mill has received the 2016 Pulp & Paper International Water Efficiency Award for its work to introduce technology and processes to recycle and reuse waste water, resulting in an annual savings of over 200 million gallons of water – enough to fill over 300 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

“Managing Kimberly-Clark’s demand on such a critical water resource in a fast-growing region is the right thing to do and we appreciate this recognition, said John Pownall, Beech Island Mill Manager. “Our efforts are helping to reduce the demand while making our manufacturing processes more efficient and cost-effective over the long term.”

The global award, presented annually by RISI, a leading information provider for the pulp and paper industry, recognizes the mill for its successful efforts to reduce water consumption across its tissue production processes. The Beech Island Mill was selected for this award by an independent panel of judges drawn from industry and environmental organizations.

Tissue mills use large amounts of water in the manufacturing process. The Beech Island Mill draws its water from the Savannah River via the pool created by the New Savannah Bluff Lock and Dam which maintains the water supply for various communities and manufacturers in parts of South Carolina and Georgia.

“Our employees also appreciate that members of Congress stepped up last year to finally authorize funding for repair or replacement of the lock and dam,” added Pownall. “With so many businesses and residents depending on the water behind that dam, its current condition is a significant risk to the water supply and jobs in the area. The Army Corps of Engineers has nearly 200 years of experience building and managing lock and dam projects, so we’re relieved the agency has been engaged to design and build a solution.”

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